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Birth to Twenty is committed to disseminating recent research results to the public, the academic and scientific communities, and other stakeholders. Over the years, relationships have been established with various media personnel and agencies, and over 150 media releases on Bt20 have appeared in newspapers, magazines or on radio and television programmes.

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Professor Shane Norris
Director: DPHRU
March Wits Health Sciences Research News
May Wits Health Sciences Research News
August Health Sciences Review
September Wits Health Sciences Research News
October Wits Health Sciences Research News
November Booze lobby arguments befuddled (BDlive)
Wits Leader 2012, Edition 2
February Children:Education, diet and mobility
Moving House Can Benefit Kids (Pretoria News)
March One in Three Soweto Teen Girls Has a Weight Problem (The Star)
Success is a Far Away Place Saturday (The Star)
May Ethics, Education & Economy (KAS)
Wits Health Sciences Research News
June Wits Health Sciences Research News
July Wits Health Sciences Research News
Dropping in on African Research Leaders
Health Sciences Review
September Wits Health Sciences Research News
October Pretoria News
Wits Review
June Vilane tops Everest for the second time, Saturday Dispatch, p.1
New nation under the microscope, Sunday Times, p.17
April SA?s kids to be conned into exercising, Sunday Times
March Schools scandals: pre-teen pregnancy, Saturday Star, p 1
Shame of our child moms, The Independent
February Vilane off to Everest, City Vision, p.8
anuary Diet Warning for SA Children, The Mercury, p.1
No mountain too high for charities, Daily Sun, p.4
A second shot at the summit, The Star, p.11
September Youth upbeat on living the South African dream, Pretoria News, p.1
Young South Africans are optimistic, Sowetan, p.3
Teens are upbeat about SA, The Citizen, p.3
SA teens love their country, its people, This Day p.2
Teens are proud of SA, Daily Sun, p.4
June Sex games children play. Saturday Star, pg 1.
May Six more before Twenty. City Vision, pg 4.
See how they?ve grown. Sunday Sun, pg 13.
The changing face of the SA family. Sunday Times, pg 6.
March Mandela?s children. Arena, pg 19.
January Huge study is benefiting all children. City Vision.
December Mum?s the word, but dads count for a lot too. The Star,pg 6.
SA Fatherhood Project to publish book. City Press.
Many feast without a father. Apartheid didn?t promote healthy families. This Day, pg 4.
November The effect of birth weight and subsequent growth in glucose tolerance in children. Roodeport Record, pg 44.
Birth to Twenty Research Programme. Southern Courier, pg 36.
October Lae geboortegewig kan by kinders lei tot die diabetes. Naweek Beeld, pg 11.
Pregnancy warning. Sunday Times, pg 5.
August Die kinders kyk te veel, doen to min. Beeld, pg 10.
July Poorer children get a raw deal in the healthy living stakes - study. Pretoria News, pg 3.
September Stop the Smog. Sowetan, pg 9.
March 10 things about food labels. Fairlady, pg 19.
Kids and smoking ? just what sets them off? Sowetan Sunday World, pg 18.
Children blow away cigarette smoking. Sunday Times
February Birth to 20 study runs. The Citizen, pg 33.
December ?Mandela?s children ? our national heritage?. University of the Witwatersrand: News and Events Webpage.
What is Birth to Twenty? Presentation to Blackheath Rotary Club, 5th December, Johannesburg.
November Poverty still stunts ?Madiba?s children?. Sunday Times, pg 35.