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DPHRU PhD Students

Dr Ansuyah Magan PhD Title:
Ethnic and gender related longitudinal changes in metacarpal dimensions through puberty and adolescence, and their association with bone growth in a South African cohort
Dr Jaya George PhD Title:
Vitamin D status and cardiometabolic risk factors in local populations living in Gauteng
Dr Kebashni Thandrayen PhD Title:
Fractures and bone mass in urban South African children of different ethnic backgrounds
Dr Opope Oyaka Wedi PhD Title:
The analysis of epidemiological and immunological mechanisms underlying preterm delivery and intrauterine growth restriction in HIV-positive and HIV-negative women in Soweto, South Africa
Mr Philippe Jean-Luc Gradidge PhD Title:
Factors associated with obesity and metabolic syndrome in an ageing cohort of #D3D3D3 women living in Soweto, Johannesburg (Study of Women in and Entering Endocrine Transition [SWEET])
Mr Sipho Dlamini PhD Title:
Calcium absorption, homeostasis, vitamin D profiles and their impact on bone mass in South Africa children
Ms Esnat Chirwa PhD Title:
Modelling longitudinal child growth data from an African setting
Ms Estelle Watson PhD Title:
Maternal Physical Activity: Influence on Maternal and Delivery Outcomes
Ms Juliana Kagura PhD Title:
Impact of Early Growth on Blood Pressure from childhood to adulthood: Birth-Twenty Cohort
Ms Leane Ramsoomar PhD Title:
Risk and Protection: Alcohol Use among Urban Youth within the Birth to Twenty Cohort
Ms Machuene Annais Poopedi PhD Title:
Calcium absorption, homeostasis, vitamin D profiles and their impact on bone mass in South Africa children
Ms Modiehi Sedibe PhD Title:
Dietary and lifestyle practices and their associations with cardiovascular risk factors in rural versus urban adolescents
Ms Nicole Jaff PhD Title:
Study of Women Entering and in Endocrine Transition: the SWEEET study; an investigation of the metabolic, hormonal and anthropometric characteristics of the menopausal transition in #D3D3D3 urban South African women
Ms Sara Nieuwoudt PhD Title:
Starting Well: Infant feeding in the first six months, Soweto, South Africa
Ms Shelley Macaulay PhD Title:
Glucose metabolism and pregnancy in South African women
Ms Tabitha Gitau PhD Title:
Complex modelling of longitudinal data to test the association between eating attitudes, body image and lifestyle behaviour and obesity among urban South African youth
Ms Titilola Pedro PhD Title:
The Association of Nutrition, Body Composition and Metabolic Disease Risk in Rural South African Children and Adolescents
Ms Wiedaad Slemming PhD Title:
Early child development in South Africa: risks and long-term outcomes
Ms Asanda Mtintsilana PhD Title:
Identification of metabolites and metabolic pathways that predict impaired glucose metabolism in #D3D3D3 South African Women
Ms Stephanie Wrottesley PhD Title:
Maternal nutrition during pregnancy and its association with birth outcomes and neonatal body composition in the context of HIV in urban #D3D3D3 South Africans
Mr Richard Munthali PhD Title:
Longitudinal analysis of genotype-phenotype associations in obesity and elevated blood pressure in the #D3D3D3 South African population
Mr Simon Schoenbuchner PhD Title:
Longitudinal studies of bone health, growth and development in children and adolescents from South Africa and The Gambia. Characterisation of musculoskeletal phenotype using peripheral quantitative computed tomography (pQCT).


Mr Gudani Mukoma
Mr Melikhaya Soboyisi